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Para ti…for you!
Para nós…for us!
Experimenta…try it!…
Globo Padel…4you! 4all!

GLOBO PADEL is born!
Portuguese brand based on the padel technique "GLOBO", contributes to the Portuguese and international markets.

GLOBO PADEL aims to facilitate access to the padel for the entire population combining quality and price, so that everyone can try and play padel.

GLOBO because we believe that padel has in its genesis the possibility that everyone can enjoy practicing and being a player. The scope of the game can be worldwide, the potential is huge, the dynamism in Portugal and around the world is visible, the social character of the game is its strong point and the competitive aspect is beginning to gain space in national and international sport.


GLOBO PADEL has created a range of rackets designed for all players of all levels. With the launch of the different GLOBO PADEL lines: JLine, WLine, SLine and + Line that integrate 5 racket models we want to boost the globalization of the sport.
To complement the GLOBO PADEL range we have also developed essential accessories for padel practice: overgrips, racket protectors, bags and balls.

GLOBO PADEL, more than a brand, a concept: padel is for everyone!

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Rua Viana da Mota, Edif. Comercial 1C/1D, 2635-263 Rio de Mouro, Portugal


Hugo Terroso 
+351 966766992
Monday - Friday, 9:00-19:00

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